fear being rich

Do You Fear Being Rich?

The online space is growing with more wealth coaches who peddle the idea that many fear being rich. It’s said that the average person doesn’t try to achieve substantial wealth because they are afraid of what it means...

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solo 401k

Understanding Your Solo 401k Options

Most are familiar with 401k accounts which allow for tax-deferred contributions through our employers. This post is about Solo 401k’s which healthcare professionals can use to defer taxes on a little over $50,000 every...

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illiquid asset

Primary Residence, An Illiquid Asset

I am writing this post as I am coming to the realization that my primary residence is an illiquid asset. In contemplating its sale, I am realizing what a weak investment a primary residence can be. I am realizing how inefficient...

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Cashing Out Retirement Accounts

Cashing out retirement accounts can make sense in certain situations but it can also be a costly move. On 2 separate occasions I have cashed out my retirement accounts for a total of $140k. These were terrible choices since there...

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financial decisions

Making Effective Financial Decisions

Some financial decisions are worth spending a lot of time on while others are better made quickly so that you can move on. This is especially true for healthcare professionals who earn an hourly wage of $100+. Financial decisions...

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