Dr. Mo

In the past I kept trying to climb higher and higher to crawl above the rim of mediocrity, hoping to find freedom at the top. But that rim is far higher than I can ever achieve with my resources and income as a Family Medicine doctor. Instead, by diving down well below the standards set out for the masses, I have discovered a whole new lifestyle that’s better than what I have been advertised to for so long.

I enjoy the finest bouldering gym nearby. I make delicious food at home in a paid off, gorgeous condominium in downtown and have amazing friends to enjoy beers with. I read whatever I can get my hands on and spend my time writing for this blog. There are medical volunteer groups which I am involved with and I spend a few hours a week exploring different future passions. It’s a process, it’s a journey and it is really fun.

My blog posts are about everything that I discover along this path from a job-dependent citizen to a free-living and financially independent worker. If you’re a high earning healthcare professional then I hope that you join me and we will both learn something along the way.


Age 23: I got accepted to medical school at UCLA.

Age 27: I started UCLA’s family medicine residency.

Age 28: Thankfully residency was easier than medical school. Residency income was $43k.

Age 29: Got my medical license and DEA, started moonlighting. Had a blast. Was spending every penny I earned, and then some.

Age 30: 3rd-year resident. $80k gross income with the moonlighting in urgent cares. Decided it’s the perfect career option for me.

Age 31: Did a 4th-year chief residency, $180k gross income.

Age 32: Full-time work at a Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, CA. $200k income my first year.

Age 33: Started living the fancy life. Leased car, fancy condo, fancy clothes, expensive hobbies and dining out.

Age 34: Learned about YNAB and budgeting. Had $160k student loans, $40k credit cards, $288k mortgage, $65k car debt. Monthly overhead, $14,000.

Age 35: Learned how to live a more frugal lifestyle, finally started saving. Made the highest income working 55-60 hrs/wk. $430,000 gross. Realized I don’t need 80% of my income to retire successfully.

Age 36: Moved to Portland, Oregon. Started attacking student loans. Kept working full-time.

Age 37: Hit financial independence on 3/1/2016. All debt paid off. Bought a condo in cash.

Age 38: I retired in order to pursue something outside of medicine. Decided to not renew my board certification in family medicine.

Age 39: … moving to Spain.



Email me at DrMo@urgentcarecareer.com. Would love your feedback/questions/thoughts/comments.