value of money

The Value Of Money

2 days ago while walking back from the grocery store I dropped 1 penny. I momentarily hesitated to pick it up – but why? I’ve thought about it and came up with the following post regarding the value of money. From...

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Spending In Retirement

I’m in Amsterdam for the week and was contemplating how to structure my budget and spending. Should I continue to budget as I have been doing the past few years? Should I spend freely from my disposable income? Spending in...

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investment income

Living Off Investment Income

The question comes up “So, are you living off investment income in retirement?” The term investment has evolved so much in my personal dictionary that it no longer covers only mutual funds and real estate. Though I...

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net worth goal

Setting A Net Worth Goal

I have a trick that I’ve used since 2012 which has helped me meet my net worth goal. It has been especially effective when the markets have performed poorly. For the young investor or the wage earning healthcare...

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