financial decisions

Making Effective Financial Decisions

Some financial decisions are worth spending a lot of time on while others are better made quickly so that you can move on. This is especially true for healthcare professionals who earn an hourly wage of $100+. Financial decisions...

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legal entity

Legal Entity For A Clinic

When a physician wants to go out on their own, the topic of the legal entity comes up. There are all sorts of theories out there and some entrenched views which are as solid as our patient’s perceived need for...

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Per Diem Politics

I recently got pulled off all of my shifts at Kaiser Permanente for an unknown reason. I played tag with the chief, the assistant chief, the head of HR, and finally back to the assistant chief. In the end I got a phone meeting...

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per diem career

Transitioning To A Per Diem Career

Many non-healthcare professionals these days work as independent contractors. They choose this because it allows them more job mobility, independence, and often higher tax savings. Engineers, consultants, information technology...

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doctors on demand interview

Doctors On Demand Interview

I reached out to Doctors On Demand, the big telemedicine player, because I have seen a lot of advertisement by them over the years. 3 years ago when I wanted to apply but they weren’t hiring any per diems or weren’t...

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