financial decisions

Making Effective Financial Decisions

Some financial decisions are worth spending a lot of time on while others are better made quickly so that you can move on. This is especially true for healthcare professionals who earn an hourly wage of $100+. Effective financial...

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$2,000 monthly budget

$2,000 Monthly Budget

Could you live on a $2,000 monthly budget if you had to? Regardless of your circumstances, could you do it? That’s $24,000/year or $500/week. Let’s run a few sample scenarios¬†with a $2,000 monthly budget. With all...

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not having enough money

Fear Of Not Having Enough Money

There are 3 main parts to money which I would like to expand on in this post. I believe that these are the main 3 aspects of money: making it saving it avoiding losing it Money is a man-made creation, so there isn’t much...

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Graduating Beyond Financial Rules

There are a lot of financial rules in the personal finance space, some of which are based on research and others which have been coined by so-called experts. There are: investing rules savings rules spending rules retirement...

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