desiring more income

Desiring More Income

What healthcare professionals have less of is free time but often they desire more income. We have a deep imagination of ways to spend money thanks to a decade-long student lifestyle. Desiring more income is perfectly normal but...

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per diem career

Transitioning To A Per Diem Career

Many non-healthcare professionals these days work as independent contractors. They choose this because it allows them more job mobility, independence, and often higher tax savings. Engineers, consultants, information technology...

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core spending

Your Core Spending

What is your core spending? Think of core spending as the money that you have already committed towards a current or future purchase. If you own stuff that need to be maintained then that’s part of your core spending. Same...

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sell your house

Should You Sell Your House?

I have considered selling my condo recently. It’s currently earning some money through AirBnb and I owe no money on it. I have ongoing carrying costs of around $300/month after taxes. This includes property taxes, property...

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$2,000 monthly budget

$2,000 Monthly Budget

Could you live on a $2,000 monthly budget if you had to? Regardless of your circumstances, could you do it? That’s $24,000/year or $500/week. Let’s run a few sample scenarios¬†with a $2,000 monthly budget. With all...

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