fear being rich

Do You Fear Being Rich?

The online space is growing with more wealth coaches who peddle the idea that many fear being rich. It’s said that the average person doesn’t try to achieve substantial wealth because they are afraid of what it means...

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solo 401k

Understanding Your Solo 401k Options

Most are familiar with 401k accounts which allow for tax-deferred contributions through our employers. This post is about Solo 401k’s which healthcare professionals can use to defer taxes on a little over $50,000 every...

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legal entity

Legal Entity For A Clinic

When a physician wants to go out on their own, the topic of the legal entity comes up. There are all sorts of theories out there and some entrenched views which are as solid as our patient’s perceived need for...

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telemedicine career, october 2017 income

Earning A Living With A Telemedicine Career

I just finished another interview with yet another telemedicine group, Teladoc. It’s a publicly traded company¬†with a fairly decent business model. I’m in the credentialing process with them for doing telemedicine...

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My Teladoc Interview For Telemedicine

I read about Teladoc on some online article. I went on their website and clicked on the “Become a Provider”¬†link in order to let them know that I was interested in a Teladoc interview. The process was very...

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