in-law suite

An In-Law Suite Addition To Your House

Additional housing are referred to as an in-law suite, a granny flat, ADU’s, or simply apartments. These are separate living quarters with a bed, bathroom, and kitchen. They are often studios which are rented out for extra...

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Living 3 Months In Barcelona

I recently returned from 3 months in Barcelona, Spain. It was a wonderful experience though I wish it would have been longer. My total spending for August, September, and October was $10,265 which included my regular expenses...

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illiquid asset

Primary Residence, An Illiquid Asset

I am writing this post as I am coming to the realization that my primary residence is an illiquid asset. In contemplating its sale, I am realizing what a weak investment a primary residence can be. I am realizing how inefficient...

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financial decisions

Making Effective Financial Decisions

Some financial decisions are worth spending a lot of time on while others are better made quickly so that you can move on. This is especially true for healthcare professionals who earn an hourly wage of $100+. Effective financial...

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expat life

The Expat Life

What is an expat? It’s short for expatriate, referring to a citizen of a country who is living outside of that country while maintaining their citizenship in their country of origin. The expat life is a good option for...

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