13 Wise Investing Habits

1. Understand The Market Whatever investment market you choose, it’s important to understand the underlying asset that’s being traded. Whether it’s real estate, stocks, bonds or collectibles. Wise investing...

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investment income

Living Off Investment Income

The question comes up “So, are you living off investment income in retirement?” The termĀ investmentĀ has evolved so much in my personal dictionary that it no longer covers only mutual funds and real estate. Though I...

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illiquid asset

Primary Residence, An Illiquid Asset

I am writing this post as I am coming to the realization that my primary residence is an illiquid asset. In contemplating its sale, I am realizing what a weak investment a primary residence can be. I am realizing how inefficient...

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Cashing Out Retirement Accounts

Cashing out retirement accounts can make sense in certain situations but it can also be a costly move. On 2 separate occasions I have cashed out my retirement accounts for a total of $140k. These were terrible choices since there...

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