change jobs

Should You Change Jobs?

Here are 5 topics that I would like to discuss when it comes to changing your job. This could apply to any healthcare professional but it’s mostly aimed at those who already have a stable job and aren’t miserable...

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earn more investing

Earning Money Investing or Working A Job

I just pulled up my KP paycheck and after taxes it was $1,140. I don’t work much these days so this wasn’t a big shock. The gross check was $1,500. That’s 24% taken out for taxes. At the same time I pulled up...

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$2,000 monthly budget

$2,000 Monthly Budget

Could you live on a $2,000 monthly budget if you had to? Regardless of your circumstances, could you do it? That’s $24,000/year or $500/week. Let’s run a few sample scenarios with a $2,000 monthly budget. With all...

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My Teladoc Interview For Telemedicine

I read about Teladoc on some online article. I went on their website and clicked on the “Become a Provider” link in order to let them know that I was interested in a Teladoc interview. The process was very...

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The Moral Veil Of Medicine

Starting out in high school when I knew I was going to pursue a medical career I was sold on the higher calling of medicine. I still believe that the art of medicine is a higher calling but not the practice of medicine. This...

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