CD investing

CD Investing

Banks generate profits by attracting consumers to deposit their money for safekeeping in their vaults. They offer you a small enough rate that’s better than you stashing it under your mattress and then they take your money...

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earn more investing

Earning Money Investing or Working A Job

I just pulled up my KP paycheck and after taxes it was $1,140. I don’t work much these days so this wasn’t a big shock. The gross check was $1,500. That’s 24% taken out for taxes. At the same time I pulled up...

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fight the IRS

Keep Records To Fight The IRS Audit

March 2016 – I filed 2015 taxes. May 2017 – I receive IRS audit letter saying I owe $6,400.  June 2017 – I replied with a handwritten letter pointing out their mistakes. July 2017 – I receive a letter...

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Your Spending In Retirement Will Be Lower

I was reflecting on how much I’m spending here in Barcelona and so far have realized that despite being in a very expensive city in Europe, I’m spending diddly. Since I am slow-traveling, there is no rush, no quick...

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The First Few Days Abroad

I booked with Iberia which was serviced by Level, a really wonderful airline to take, I must say. The flight was as direct one from OAK to Barcelona. In this post I want to talk a little about the logistics of moving abroad or...

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