solo 401k

Understanding Your Solo 401k Options

Most are familiar with 401k accounts which allow for tax-deferred contributions through our employers. This post is about Solo 401k’s which healthcare professionals can use to defer taxes on a little over $50,000 every...

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Cashing Out Retirement Accounts

Cashing out retirement accounts can make sense in certain situations but it can also be a costly move. On 2 separate occasions I have cashed out my retirement accounts for a total of $140k. These were terrible choices since there...

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hsa bank

Choosing An HSA Bank

An HSA refers to a health savings account.┬áIt’s a tax-exempt health spending account which requires an HSA bank (the custodian or trustee). There are multiple such companies and each has their own unique fee...

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hsa facts

Some Basic HSA Facts

Here is a list of HSA facts that I gathered up. It’s sort of like an FAQ, except that I’m too lazy to write out the questions.   HSA Facts: Contribution Limits contributions limits change annually and are set...

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medical expense deduction

Medical Expense Deduction List For Taxes

I wasn’t aware of how extensive the medical expense deduction list is. I had no idea that I could deduct my health insurance premiums. From my research, most things are deductible except for: cosmetic procedures health...

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