value of money

The Value Of Money

2 days ago while walking back from the grocery store I dropped 1 penny. I momentarily hesitated to pick it up – but why? I’ve thought about it and came up with the following post regarding the value of money. From...

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medical board investigation process

The Medical Board Investigation Process

I’ve only known 2 colleagues who were investigated by their respective medical boards. One was for domestic violence and the other for drunk driving. The medical board investigation process is outlined well by each state. I...

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leaving medicine

Leaving Medicine

I decided sometime in 2012 that I would pursue a second career after becoming financially independent. Leaving medicine was motivated by the lack of a challenge it presented after a decade of practicing it. Productivity...

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Living 3 Months In Barcelona

I recently returned from 3 months in Barcelona, Spain. It was a wonderful experience though I wish it would have been longer. My total spending for August, September, and October was $10,265 which included my regular expenses...

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13 Wise Investing Habits

1. Understand The Market Whatever investment market you choose, it’s important to understand the underlying asset that’s being traded. Whether it’s real estate, stocks, bonds or collectibles. Wise investing...

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