desiring more income

Desiring More Income

What healthcare professionals have less of is free time but often they desire more income. We have a deep imagination of ways to spend money thanks to a decade-long student lifestyle. Desiring more income is perfectly normal but...

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Expenses: October 2017

  As anticipated, October 2017 was a high spending month since I went to visit a friend in Amsterdam. My total spending for the month was $4,163.   Core Spending – $2,566 My core spending is more important to me...

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telemedicine career, october 2017 income

Income: October 2017

This post is about my income for October 2017. Total earnings were $2,857. As my income streams are drying up, I’m searching more aggressively for my next career move. This is one of the lowest income I’ve generated...

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hindsight facts about retirement

10 Hindsight Facts About Retirement

There are a few things that I figured out on my own as I traveled the retirement path. Most things were obvious but I chose to ignore them. Others weren’t as clear-cut and I wish I had discovered them sooner.   10...

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