luxury vs excess

Luxury vs Excess

$500 round trip commercial flight and $25,000 round trip private jet. For those on the very bottom of the economic food chain, a cross-country flight costing $500 is out of the question, or a rare treat in their lifetime. For a...

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future of telemedicine

Future of Telemedicine

I write about telemedicine a lot on this blog because it’s one of the ways I continue to earn some income and it’s interesting to me to see the evolution of this side of healthcare. This particular post is about the...

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Transitioning From Physician To Investor

As healthcare professionals, most of us are working full-time to earn a living as either doctors, pharmacists, PA’s or NP’s. We spend a healthy portion of that money to run our households and save the rest which we...

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saving for retirement

When To Skip Saving For Retirement

1. You’re Starting A Business Starting a business is very time and resource intensive. Trying to juggle your personal life, your health, family obligation, and retirement investing all at the same time could just lead to...

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investing vs speculating

Investing vs Speculating

Most of us come across various investment opportunities in any given year. We wonder if the said opportunity is a good investment or a bad one. Though not an intentional thought process, we are really contemplating is if...

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