Paycheck Update: 9/15/2015

Bi-Monthly Paycheck: 9/15/2015


where does my paycheck go 9-15-2015


This paycheck doesn’t reflect any overtime I did. Though I didn’t do a whole lot of extra shifts I have done some. Partly to cover my higher expenses for August but also because we are short-staffed.

I think student loans are still on track to being paid off by the end of this year. I am getting very close to paying them off but I would like to build up a bit of a higher cash reserve and I don’t have much. The last bit I had I used to purchase some more index funds with after the recent decline in the foreign markets.

$2,749 alone is going into my retirement accounts. These are tax deferred but there are a few ways to access such funds before age 59.5 or 65.

I’ll keep posting my bi-monthly paychecks and my monthly expenses, I think this is a good way to tally things up. The goal is for my expenses to match my passive income from my investments.

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