The Advantage Of Not Having A Car

The Gorgeous Views You Don’t Get To Experience With A Car


I woke up today, window was half-open, and there was a crisp fresh air in the apartment. I used my hand grinder and made a cup of fresh organic Brazil coffee. I used a mug that my friend Sari got me for the first time… what a thoughtful gift.

I journaled for a bit and looked up some hostels in Europe… no actual plans in mind just wanted to see what’s out there. I planned out my day and got up and showered. Then went to a new coffee shop just 2 blocks from my house for my second cup of the day and to read a new book I got from the library.

One Doctor's Adventures Among The Famous And Infamous From The Jungles of Panama to a Park Avenue Practice


I walked back to my apartment, grabbed my bike and off to work. And here is the best part, a 19 mile commute in beautiful 60 degree weather, sun barely poking through from behind the clouds, gentle wind, fresh air and only a few cars on the road at 10am.

These views are what make my bike commute totally worth it. The decision to get rid of my car was a fantastic one.


columbia river view and 205 freeway
The little island can be seen on the Columbia river with the tall green trees.
Gorgeous mountain in the back, hawks flying overhead fishing the Columbia river and the Marine Dr bike path. The bridge in the view is the 205 bridge that I bike across.
view of the columbia river
The Columbia river view and the bike path
biking from portland to vancouver
205 bridge and the bike path in the middle of a freeway- love it!


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