Spending For November 2015

How Much I Spent November 2015

Yea… got a little out of hand. Made it rain in Portland! Total spent in November was $3,227. I would say that I spent $800 more than I wanted/needed to.

Total spending for November 2015.
Total spending for November 2015.

Rent is the same as before. This should go down in the next few months once my condo purchase is complete and I move into it.

Restaurants, shit… that got a little out of hand. I picked up a $165 tab because I may have overstimulated my GABA and 5-HT receptors a bit too much… 6 drinks will do that to you. The rest of the spending was from eating out to much… Dr. Mo dropped the ball in this category. Oh and a few binging episodes.

Grocery spending was way higher than normal for me. I looked through it and I guess I just made too many Trader Joe’s trips. It’s okay though, thankfully I also cooked a lot at home these past 2 weeks. Gonna keep up that momentum.

Clothing and Entertainment also were higher than usual. I needed some thick jackets so I bought a pair of used ones which I am very happy with. Entertainment was just going to the movies a few too many times. I am dating someone on a more regular basis so her and I been socializing a bit more than usual. Ahh, young love… so adorable!

My cell phone expenses through Ting were only $13, pretty good. Home internet is $29 and I have $150 in advisory fees which is for my financial adviser and a podcast that I’m subscribed to. I really should not include these as expenses… they are more like investments.

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