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Digital Nomad Physician Mastermind Group

Before writing this post, like most of my posts, I researched the following keywords regarding a mastermind group:

  • how to start one
  • what’s good about it
  • another word for mastermind
  • what sucks about mastermind groups
  • alternative to mastermind groups
  • pros and cons of a mastermind group
  • to engage women in a mastermind group
  • how to make money from a mastermind group
  • what makes a mastermind group effective
  • mastermind groups suck
  • best mastermind groups to join
  • reasons to quit your mastermind group
  • why mastermind groups hold you back
  • sexism in mastermind groups

Performing the search and opening about 50 browser tabs took just 2-3 minutes. There is fortunately a lot of material on mastermind groups.

In the next 10 minutes here is what I learned from all of those websites and the brief notes I took:

  • lots of cheesy websites
  • accountability
  • learning new tools
  • feeling less alone
  • supporting each other
  • everyone is trying to sell me something
  • it’s all men, wtf!
  • commitment
  • facilitator?
  • too large of a group
  • good communication
  • setting a purpose
  • not meeting frequently enough
  • trust like a community
  • no power dynamics
  • feeling safe in the group
  • brainstorming
  • better decision making
  • increased profits
  • cross promotion
  • “hot seat”
  • positive mental attitude
  • comfortable feeling vulnerable
  • vision statement
  • setting goals
  • trust & rapport
  • the facilitator is not the teacher or instructor

Digital Nomad Physician Mastermind Group

What I have figured out so far and learned about such a group is listed below. And here are some unique ideas that I would like to try for my own … well not “my” group because nobody owns it – it seems to be a group thing.

  • I wouldn’t make a good facilitator
  • record the meetings and publish them
  • meet virtually and sometimes in-person
  • must make it inclusive for all (women/residents/etc)
  • needs a set schedule (which I’m allergic to)
  • half of the time it should feel terrible being part of a mastermind
  • it’s okay to criticize ideas constructively
  • keep it small, max of 5
  • takes time to mature and grow
  • need a theme/vision/goal
  • don’t charge money
  • maintain diversity
  • each member should have an active project

If you’re interested in joining one with me, leave some comments below. If you have any suggestions, share them below.

I don’t think being a telemedicine doctor is being a digital nomad physician. There is more to it. It took me 5 years to figure out that I really identify with this digital nomad physician idea. And it’s still a work in progress.


  1. Dr. Mo,

    I am in!

  2. Anonymous

    Would be interested for sure!

  3. Anonymous

    I am interested in joining.

    I have heard that in mastermind groups, some meetings you feel like the smartest person around, but most meetings you feel like the dumbest.

  4. Thank you for your interest and the information you shared – I like that juxtaposition, could imagine myself feeling that way.

  5. N

    I’m interested, there aren’t many of us out there.

  6. I would agree, but the number of emails I’ve gotten would speak otherwise.

  7. Add me to the list

  8. I am 100% interested

  9. Anonymous

    100% interested.

    Background–neurologist, 5 year attending who left for a telemedicine gig recently; still trying to figure out some alternative streams of income (working on one project seriously right now, a few on the back burner); MD/MBA.

    Feel free to email–


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