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Category: Medical Board Investigation

Physicians investigated by their medical boards for whatever it is they are accused of having done wrong will benefit from reading the bullshit I deal with during my own medical board investigation.

The medical board isn’t what we think they are. Their purpose is to protect the public from vicious physicians.

They infantilize the public and believe that physicians need to be reeled in. The physicians and civilians who sit on the board often are far removed from the reality of practicing medicine.

Furthermore, the medical board cannot oversee every single licensee. If one single complaint comes in then they will assume that that particular physician must be a villain.

My experience with my state’s medical board was very disappointing. Though I certainly had fault in the situation in question, their behavior and response was a major letdown.

As physicians we need to protect ourselves from financial risk, practice risk, and we need to know how to protect ourselves from the medical board.