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A medical career is a pain in the ass to come by. The toughest jobs we’ll have is not burning out of medicine. The second toughest will be to not become victims of the many other risks within our profession.

Medicine as a career is stupidly lucrative. I earned $400k+/year as an urgent care physician. But there were many pitfalls and I got hit by many of them.

I had to deal with Medicare fraud and got entangled with shady characters. The FBI got involved and it was an ugly mess which I learned a lot from.

Later I had to deal with aggressive medical board investigators. No doubt I made mistakes that led to the investigation but I was blown away by the lies and shady tactics used by the medical board.

I’ve deal with rude patients, with medical groups which tried to bully me, and shocking accusations by medical staff.

My stint as a medical director taught me a lot about the practice of medicine in the US. I was never oblivious but as medicine is becoming more corporate it’s important for us to keep up with the pace.

I love the practice of medicine but have done less and less of it as the years go by. After less than a decade in medicine I’m happy to leave this medical career. Life’s too short and there are far more fun ways to make money.

Thriving During This Crisis

What’s up y’all! Hope everyone is doing okay. I know how most of you feel, since I’m actually seeing patients in a clinic. A clinic without enough masks, where we’re still seeing 80-yo patients for blood pressure checks. I know many of you are emotionally exhausted by the news and…

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How to Practice Telemedicine

So, you haven’t done any acute care or primary care shit for a while. Maybe you’re a subspecialist in Internal Medicine or an ER provider. Maybe you’re an NP or PA in some specialty. Now you’ve been recruited to practice telemedicine. The practice of telemedicine is easy and the risk…