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Category: Alternative Careers

Physicians sometimes need to run away from their specialties and finding alternative careers is a great way to pave our escape.

In this section I will talk about all the many alternative career options which physicians and other medical professionals can pursue.

We have a ton of skills as medical professionals such as:

  • task management
  • project management
  • HR skills
  • analytics
  • customer service
  • teaching skills

Why suffer in your current medical profession if you are unhappy and burnt out? We have nothing to prove to others and we have already proved it to ourselves that we are highly capable individuals.

Maybe you don’t have the right personality for medicine, maybe you’ve made major mistakes, or maybe you’re tired of smelling another stinky crotch. Whatever the cause might be, there is a way out so that you can still earn a decent income.

I’ll post alternative careers to this section regularly as I come across them.