Local Consumerism

Supporting local businesses is a form of citizenship and patriotism. We are encouraged to buy locally in order to patronize the entrepreneurs living in our city. This is a weightier issue in 2018 as globalization and online...

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portfolio losses, investment

Investment Portfolio Losses

As the economy fluctuates we can see either gains or losses in our portfolio. Portfolio gains are expected. Large portfolio gains are celebrated and portfolio losses are pondered. Everyone responds differently to portfolio losses...

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medical board interview, investigation

Preparing for a Medical Board Interview

The medical board investigation process can be exhausting but it will often culminate in a medical board interview where you are asked to present before the medical board members for a hearing. This post is about preparing for...

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Spanish Visa Update

The process to get a long-term non-lucrative visa for Spain is tedious. There are numerous applications to fill out which are vague and the instructions are either incomprehensible or in Spanish – which for me are 2 of the...

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investor, investing

How To Become An Investor

An investor is a person who recognizes value and is interested in creating sustainable growth and therefore profits. They see the bigger picture while others are focused on numbers. The reason a physician would want to become an...

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