Local Consumerism

Supporting local businesses is a form of citizenship and patriotism. We are encouraged to buy locally in order to patronize the entrepreneurs living in our city. This is a weightier issue in 2018 as globalization and online...

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brompton review, solid tires

Brompton Bike Review – 3 Year Update

I’ve had my eye on an electric Brompton for a couple of years now but not quite ready to pull the trigger. I thought this would be a great time for me to write a 3 year update review on my pink folding Brompton commuter...

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office visit, virtual visit, telemedicine, urgent care

Virtual Visit vs Office Visit

I’m 39 years old and I am earning a solid income doing telemedicine as a per diem in the Urgent Care setting. In this post I’ll break down the difference between doing office medicine and virtual medicine and tell you...

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Use FedEx To Replace Your Home Office

I don’t have a printer, a fax machine, nor a scanner. I have farmed out my home office needs to either a shared office space or FedEx. I no longer need any office supplies and don’t have to maintain printing...

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Low-Income Clinic In Oregon

I recently connected with an MD who started a low-income clinic (community health center) in a less wealthy part of Portland, Oregon. He made it a point to call it a CHC and not a clinic because they don’t just offer...

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