free audiobooks

Free Audiobooks From The Library

Just up until a few months ago the online ebook systems of the libraries were a mess. There were too many players trying to get the free audiobooks to the consumers. OverDrive seems to have finally dominated the market which has...

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How To Spend Your Free Time In Retirement

As someone who writes daily about financial matters relating to healthcare professionals with a strong emphasis on being able to secure an early retirement, I have just realized that I am a bit different from many of my...

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The 80% Retirement Rule Is Still Alive

I had another great urgent care shift the other day. I hadn’t┬ádone a 10-hour shift in quite a long time but in order to keep up my skill it’s good that I do a few of these occasionally. During this shift, I got to...

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fine dining in retirement

Fine Dining & Traveling In Retirement

Saving For Retirement So That You Can Travel & Dine Out I wanted to address this phrase of “Traveling in Retirement”┬ábecause it comes up frequently when the topic of retirement comes up. I have been asked quite a...

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Coming up on 500 posts!

I’ve learned so much by starting this blog and have come a long way in my journey of financial freedom. In this post, I want to look back to where I’ve been and where I’m going – what an exciting...

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