home renovation, value

The Value of a Home Renovation

If you own a home then you’ve contemplated a home renovation. Your home renovation project either falls into the category of desperately-needed or elective. In this post I’ll discuss a few topics related to the value...

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Portland, Where the Young Go To Retire

Portland, where the young go to retire. I am not sure how this descriptor of Portland first became popular but it has certainly stuck which means there is some truth to it. Imagining young people moving en masse to Portland to...

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value of a landlord

The Value of A Landlord In Society

Profit, wages, and rent – the 3 tenets of earning an income whether by an individual or a corporation. The value of a landlord is derived from how much rent they can collect and rent-income happens to be the least ideal of...

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2017 housing expenses

2017 Housing Expenses

I’ll be doing a housing expense post in order to keep track of how much my primary residence is costing me. My hypothesis is that we place too much emphasis on the sale price and don’t adequately take into account the...

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Tax Planning for 2018

It’s fairly late to do any more tax planning for 2017 but it’s the perfect time to do some tax planning for 2018. This post will go over a few brief topics to keep in mind for healthcare professionals who need to do...

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