portfolio losses, investment

Investment Portfolio Losses

As the economy fluctuates we can see either gains or losses in our portfolio. Portfolio gains are expected. Large portfolio gains are celebrated and portfolio losses are pondered. Everyone responds differently to portfolio losses...

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investor, investing

How To Become An Investor

An investor is a person who recognizes value and is interested in creating sustainable growth and therefore profits. They see the bigger picture while others are focused on numbers. The reason a physician would want to become an...

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investing leader, investing strategy

Follow An Investing Leader

An investing leader is someone who has been making money using their particular investing strategy for a couple of decades. It’s unlikely that such a person will suddenly stop earning money and it might be wise to follow...

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emotional investing, avoid

Avoid Emotional Investing

The title of this post should have been “Don’t Panic Over Your Investments” as I wanted this to be a public service announcement should the market start reversing its direction and drop. But I thought I would...

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