working, preventing boredom

Working To Prevent Boredom

One of the most common questions I get asked is whether I am bored now that I am not working full-time. Dealing with boredom therefore is probably something that’s on people’s minds and worth discussing here. The...

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free time, retirement

Free Time In Retirement

I thought retirement would mean more free time, more leisure, and having fewer things to do. In fact, I was warned about boredom in retirement. Though I enjoy a lot more freedom during retirement, I don’t feel that...

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spain, non-lucrative visa

Non-Lucrative Visa For Spain

There are several options to obtain a long-term visa for Spain, one of them is the non-lucrative visa option which I am pursuing. Though this doesn’t relate to most of my readers, I think it’s prudent to explore...

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Portland, Where the Young Go To Retire

Portland, where the young go to retire. I am not sure how this descriptor of Portland first became popular but it has certainly stuck which means there is some truth to it. Imagining young people moving en masse to Portland to...

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