Spanish Visa Update

The process to get a long-term non-lucrative visa for Spain is tedious. There are numerous applications to fill out which are vague and the instructions are either incomprehensible or in Spanish – which for me are 2 of the...

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financially selfish parents

Financially Selfish Parents

I haven’t whined about my parents in a long time. I think my high school buddy remembers me complaining that my curfew was set when it would turn dark outside. Since then I’ve had a great relationship with my parents...

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Use FedEx To Replace Your Home Office

I don’t have a printer, a fax machine, nor a scanner. I have farmed out my home office needs to either a shared office space or FedEx. I no longer need any office supplies and don’t have to maintain printing...

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single male doctor, lifestyle

Lifestyle of a Single Male Doctor

I’m a single male doctor in my late 30’s and I was married for a short period of time. I still get some chuckles when I tell people that the marriage only lasted 8 months. I just didn’t see the need to drag it...

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working, preventing boredom

Working To Prevent Boredom

One of the most common questions I get asked is whether I am bored now that I am not working full-time. Dealing with boredom therefore is probably something that’s on people’s minds and worth discussing here. The...

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