medical board interview, investigation

Preparing for a Medical Board Interview

The medical board investigation process can be exhausting but it will often culminate in a medical board interview where you are asked to present before the medical board members for a hearing. This post is about preparing for...

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Wasteful Medical Spending

The state of Washington decided to explore wasteful medical spending in the medical field and identified $282 million dollars spent on testing and procedures which are considered wasteful and harmful. That’s $282 million...

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office visit, virtual visit, telemedicine, urgent care

Virtual Visit vs Office Visit

I’m 39 years old and I am earning a solid income doing telemedicine as a per diem in the Urgent Care setting. In this post I’ll break down the difference between doing office medicine and virtual medicine and tell you...

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chaperone, legally, protect, patient, clinic

Will Your Chaperone Protect You Legally?

This post will perhaps be most relevant to the men though female doctors are feeling the pressure to have chaperones in the room. The main topic of this post is whether a chaperone will legally protect you should there be a...

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