Spanish Visa Update

The process to get a long-term non-lucrative visa for Spain is tedious. There are numerous applications to fill out which are vague and the instructions are either incomprehensible or in Spanish – which for me are 2 of the...

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spain, non-lucrative visa

Non-Lucrative Visa For Spain

There are several options to obtain a long-term visa for Spain, one of them is the non-lucrative visa option which I am pursuing. Though this doesn’t relate to most of my readers, I think it’s prudent to explore...

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Living 3 Months In Barcelona

I recently returned from 3 months in Barcelona, Spain. It was a wonderful experience though I wish it would have been longer. My total spending for August, September, and October was $10,265 which included my regular expenses...

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expat life

The Expat Life

What is an expat? It’s short for expatriate, referring to a citizen of a country who is living outside of that country while maintaining their citizenship in their country of origin. The expat life is a good option for...

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Living In Barcelona, Spain

What’s it like living in Barcelona? If you’ve considered moving abroad then this post might be for you. There is a lot of good information on expat websites such as EXPATIA but these sites are also geared towards...

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