financially selfish parents

Financially Selfish Parents

I haven’t whined about my parents in a long time. I think my high school buddy remembers me complaining that my curfew was set when it would turn dark outside. Since then I’ve had a great relationship with my parents...

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investing leader, investing strategy

Follow An Investing Leader

An investing leader is someone who has been making money using their particular investing strategy for a couple of decades. It’s unlikely that such a person will suddenly stop earning money and it might be wise to follow...

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chaperone, legally, protect, patient, clinic

Will Your Chaperone Protect You Legally?

This post will perhaps be most relevant to the men though female doctors are feeling the pressure to have chaperones in the room. The main topic of this post is whether a chaperone will legally protect you should there be a...

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UCSD professional boundaries, course

UCSD Professional Boundaries Course Review

I was told to take the UCSD Professional Boundaries course by my lawyer. You can read more about my mistakes which brought me here in the first place by reviewing previous posts. The UCSD Professional Boundaries course was...

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doctors, trouble, medical board

Doctors In Trouble with the Medical Board

Today is my first day at my 3-day course which my lawyer recommended I take for my ongoing medical board investigation. There were 10 of us who attended today and I think the stories of these doctors in trouble are interesting...

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