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Physician Coaching

Hourly Consulting Rate – $300

My hourly consulting rates are for those who need to talk to me on the phone. Often, I can point you in the right direction over email, but if it’s something more involved, schedule a phone call with me.

[email protected]

I only do 10 of these per week – first come, first serve.

Monthly Physician Coaching Rate – $1,500

I offer ongoing monthly physician coaching at the rate above. I take on a maximum of 5 clients per month. This is quite a bit more involved and we check in together regularly, set goals to achieve, and aim for results.

At this rate, you and I will work 1:1 to help you transition to a new career, to build up your business, or to create a location-independent lifestyle.

Refund Policy

I value my time and value your money.

If you’re not happy with our coaching sessions, I will happily refund you your money.

[email protected]


  1. Anonymous

    What is the process for Family Nurse Practitioner coaching sessions?

  2. The same as physicians unless there is something your state board has decreed which goes against what I have outlined here.

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