Telemedicine Course for Clinicians


Here is what you’ll learn from this course:

  • triage > treat
  • communicate efficiently
  • empower the patient
  • improved prescribing habits
  • deal with difficult cases & difficult patients
  • develop systems for common CC’s
  • avoiding malpractice risk


Your income as a telemedicine clinician can go from $150/hour to $250/hour while decreasing your practice risk and making your visits simpler. That’s the purpose of this telemedicine course.

18 sections, covering:

  • how to talk to patients for the best patient satisfaction scores
  • how to deliver a Dx
  • how to efficiently triage a patient
  • how to minimize medication prescribing
  • decreasing risk of practicing virtual medicine

I’ve maintained a prescribing rate of <15% on all of the platforms where I’ve worked, including Teladoc, Doctor on Demand, American Well, Remedy, DialCare, and Oscar. Overprescribing is burdensome for the entire medical system.

My patients satisfaction rates have been >90% or >4.7 stars.

Purchase this telemedicine course if you’re planning on making telemedicine safer, easier and more lucrative for yourself.


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