International Telemedicine Course


40-minuteĀ tutorial to help you choose the right telemedicine company in order to travel to any country you like. I have also included a May 2020 update video.


Telemedicine is an easy way to earn extra money using your clinical skills. It’s becoming mainstream and can be done by any clinician, including midwives, psychologists, and physical therapists. It’s even more fun when you can work from another country and earn US dollars. That’s what I’m reviewing in this International Telemedicine Course.

Live abroad or travel perpetually and enjoy an international telemedicine experience as a clinician.

International Telemedicine Course

In this 40-minute International Telemedicine Course I discuss all of the ways you can practice telemedicine as a US physician while living abroad. Who wants to be tied down to only one location? Why not travel and make money on the road.

With the purchase of this product you will have unlimited access to me through email. I will walk you through any hurdles you might encounter.

Purchase this tutorial if you want to live anywhere in the world and still earn a high income while sitting behind a laptop.

Your Own Virtual Practice

I will also talk about how to start your own private virtual practice in this International Telemedicine Course.

This is relevant because patients are getting their eye exams and having their acne managed, all online these days.

Finding patients isn’t hard. And with current parity laws, you can get reimbursed the same as if you were seeing the patients in person.

And you can do this legally while living outside of the US. Which is great for the perpetual traveler.

Working for Other Companies

You can also find certain telemedicine companies which will let you practice abroad as a digital nomad physician.

Even better, with this International Telemedicine Course you’ll learn how to find those companies and which companies are already okay with you boarding the plane.

Protecting Your Location

Finally, I’ll talk about how you can protect your exact location, which is nobody’s business but yours.

Nobody but you has the right to know where you are living or traveling to. Least of all a telemedicine company.

In this International Telemedicine Course we’ll discuss how you can achieve location anonymity through technology.


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