JustAnswer Course For Physicians


47-minute video going over my workflow on JustAnswer. You’ll make the money back for the cost of this course in just a couple of days.


JustAnswer is a great way for physicians to earn a solid income answering health related questions. As a medical expert on JA you don’t diagnose diseases, you don’t prescribe medications, and you don’t enter a patient-doctor relationship. I’ll teach you how to be a lot more efficient on this JustAnswer Course for Physicians.

With only a couple of hours of work per day you can earn a solid income as a digital nomad physician, working from anywhere in the world.

In this 47-minute video I’ll go over my entire Just Answer workflow. My goal is to show you how to efficiently capture customer questions, reply to them with the least amount of effort, and to convert them into paying customers.

JustAnswer Course for Physicians

I want to focus on voice dictation because it’ll help you answer so many more questions! And there is some great, free technology already out there for you to do this.

  • voice dictation
  • choosing the proper working
  • how to choose the right customers
  • how to get the most questions
  • when to log into the system for optimal efficiency

If you follow this method and start getting comfortable with it, you should be able to earn a solid $5,000 per month from your laptop with only 5-7 hours per week.

Work and Travel Internationally

You can live anywhere in the world and do work on JA. This is a great way to earn a solid income while being able to enjoy some traveling.

All you need is a laptop – in fact, you can get away with just a cell phone.