Skin Rash Telemedicine Skills


How to master skin rashes on telemedicine visits.

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Dermatologic complaints are popular on telemedicine. Let’s talk about skin rash telemedicine conditions and how to manage them. I’ll discuss common medications and what to look out for. We’ll discuss concerning skin complaints as well – as in, red flags in derm.

Listen to the whole thing. It’s worth the money and you’ll get an insight into how I think through common skin/derm complaints and whom I send them to for follow up, if at all needed.

You’ll also become comfortable with what’s and emergency and what’s not. Because most skin rash telemedicine complaints can be handled quite easily with home/self management. Patient empowerment will make both you and the patient feel better.

  • common home remedies and OTC meds available
    • topical creams
    • oral meds
  • rash on the face
    • shingles
    • perioral dermatitis
    • seborrheic dermatitis
    • rosacea
  • rash on the flank
    • shingles
    • systemic rashes
  • rash in the mouth
    • impetigo
    • aphthous ulcers
    • cold sores
  • rash on the groin
    • STD’s should be done in person
    • genial warts
    • molluscum contagiosum 
    • tinea cruris
    • lichen disease
  • rash on the hands
    • palmopustular psoriasis
    • rashes to not miss
    • dyshidrotic eczema
  • rash on the feet
    • common nail disease
    • tinea
  • rash all over
    • viral in peds
    • vasculitis/autoimmune
  • moles/skin cancer
    • how to manage
    • rarely an emergency
    • derm vs PCP for f/u
  • actinic keratosis
    • management
  • psoriasis
    • can present in all sorts of weird ways
    • treatment
  • contact dermatitis
    • usually well-demarcated
    • treatment
  • atopic dermatitis
    • recognizing and treating
    • common locations
  • scabies
    • itchy as fuck
    • not what med school taught you
  • bed bugs
    • more on the torso 
    • bigger than scabies
    • don’t itch as bad
  • flea bites
    • on the lower ext’s
    • pets
    • new place
  • cellulitis
    • red, painful, hot, fevers
    • vs. stasis dermatitis
  • folliculitis/abscess
    • careful with your Dx
    • how to manage outpatient
    • when to send in
  • tinea corporis
    • well demarcated
    • central clearing
  • hair loss
    • alopecia types
    • fungal infection rare
  • acne
    • topical benzoyl peroxide, retinol serum, salicylic acid
    • what to Rx
  • sunburn
    • sunscreen
    • topical steroid 
  • chilblains/heat rashes
    • feet/fingers reddish
  • skin emergencies/urgencies
    • SSS
    • Steven Johnson
    • Kawasaki disease


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