Teladoc Tutorial for Physicians


A 46-minute audio recording of a Teladoc tutorial for physicians. I go over how to maximize your workflow and minimize your patient complication rates.


This is a 46-minute audio recording is a Teladoc tutorial for physicians to help you make telemedicine easier on that platform.

The goal is to see patients faster, decrease your prescribing rates, and have a higher patient satisfaction. This is great for any telemedicine website – but specifically effective for Teladoc.

Teladoc Tutorial

This Teladoc tutorial will go over voice dictation and how to use the platform in order ot make your telemedicine smoother.

I’ll discuss your patient satisfaction scores and how best to optimize them.

Finally, I’ll go over dealing with some of the more difficult cases.

Telemedicine for Physicians

Telemedicine is a great way to make money. And it’s a great way to provide access for patients who need the care.

Practicing virtual medicine isn’t too different from in-person medicine. But you can’t practice it the exact same way.

This Teladoc tutorial for physicians will go over all of the nuances. I have been able to achieve high patient satisfaction scores and low prescribing rates, and hopefully good patient outcomes because of these tips and tricks.


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