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Tag: virtual medicine

How to Practice Telemedicine

So, you haven’t done any acute care or primary care shit for a while. Maybe you’re a subspecialist in Internal Medicine or an ER provider. Maybe you’re an NP or PA in some specialty. Now you’ve been recruited to practice telemedicine. The practice of telemedicine is easy and the risk…


AMA Telemedicine Guide

The American Medical Association hasn’t necessarily been against virtual medicine, but they also haven’t really been a huge advocate for it, at least they haven’t put their weight behind any bills. Now, they have posted a rather comprehensive telemedicine guide on their website. And, as we know, once AMA puts…


Pulse Telemedicine Software

What’s great about having your own blog where you don’t advertise anything is that you can say whatever you want and don’t have to answer to anyone. I have come across the Pulse telemedicine software a few times on Instagram and other places. So I thought I would talk about…

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